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The Making of a Home Accessory

field of stone birds

Pulling a small space together often requires a keen eye to edit and clever accessories. Accessories work both to up the glam factor and define your sense of style. Oh how I love accessories!

In my travels I often come across beautiful pieces that would make a gorgeous home accent but need a little je ne sais quoi for the African Luxe market. A little elevation.

I loved these stone birds when I saw them in a field. My Bird Man from Zimbabwe makes these by hand. Aren’t they gorgeous? And flocked together they bring such drama. These birds, as home accessories, just needed that quirky and stylish edge. The only thing I wanted to change was their perch. I was looking for something sophisticated; something slim enough to fit in the small bird, but stable enough to support the weight of the stone. Then came the idea of planting the perches in lucite plinths. After a little trial and error, a few prototypes, I was really pleased with the final version.

The design phase can be a tricky one, you work with an idea in your mind’s eye, but the results really run the gamut from astonishing to total disappointment. These, however, are glorious and I had to share them with you. The gold leafed beaks and perches were the final touch to having these birds fly off the shelves.

stone bird in lucite

The birds as created by the artisan were perfect as is, of course. But the Denise touch made them home accessory-ready.

Design Tip of the Day

If you want to make a window that is too small in scale for a wall seem larger, extend the rod one inch beyond the width of the window frame on either side, make the curtains to the floor and add a shade. Suddenly everything will light and airy and to scale.

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