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From Africa, with Luxe

Luxury doesn’t mean that you have to compromise comfort. In fact, adding luxurious items to your home can increase your comfort! Take linens for example, the finer the thread count the more expensive and luxe they seem to be (plus, your comfort increases tenfold). It always amazes me how we try and compromise on the price of a luxury item that we will have, love, and live with for ages. Many people will think nothing of spending $20 on a gourmet hamburger at a trendy, new hot spot, yet flinch at the cost of a finer, handmade, high-quality fabric! Now it isn’t to say that luxury only starts after a certain price point, but it’s important to make investments in yourself as well as your home to enhance your everyday experiences!


There’s a bounty of fabulous fabrics in Africa. Adding a beautiful, handmade fabric that uses an old tradition will not only provide you with an original piece full of character, but it will also be an excellent conversation piece! The colors will be richer, more saturated, and as the fabric is handmade, each piece varies ever so slightly so no two are exactly alike – no worrying about the Jones’ next door trying to replicate your look! Use the fabric in a way you’ve never considered: as a headboard, a pillow, or maybe just as a throw to add some warmth and texture to your room. It will be luxury you can live in, and history you can feel.

Denise’s Tip of the Day

Buy ready-made drapery and sew grommets onto the panels (you can DIY or have it done professionally), and you will have your own custom look!

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