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Behind the Scenes on a Buying Trip



Today a fun peak behind the scenes while Denise travels to South African and Cameroon. She makes the trip several times a year to bring back all the one-of-a-kind handmade goodies you find on African Luxe. Above gives a sense at the wonder and beauty of the South African landscape. Ahh, to live somewhere where mountains were part of my day…


This is the Bird Man. An amazing sculpture who works primarily with rock and stone. Can you believe these beauties are carved by hand to create such lovely, light and character-filled pieces?


Once she’s back, Denise likes to gold leaf the beaks and perches of these winged beauties and then plant them in a sturdy lucite block. The result is a whimsical home accessory, something delicate and yet substantial all at once.




No visit to South Africa would be complete without a visit to the MonkeyBiz workshop and boutique. Denise picked out some real beauties including human forms and larger scale beaded sculptures. Denise says it’s always such a pleasure to speak with the artists and see all the lovely works together in one place. I love this large scale owl! The skill, time and artistry involved in the making of a piece this big, this patterned makes my head spin!



These pictures are from various cafes Denise stumbled upon during her trip. They are magnificent, aren’t they? They capture both culture abd the beauty of the human form so perfectly.



During one of her wanders, Denise came across these recycled metal work birds. She couldn’t resist and brought a flock back with her. Above they adorn the showroom floor. These would work well as indoor or outdoor accessories. Each is imbued with such personality.

African Luxe - south africa landscape picture


Finally a stop in Cameroon, Denise went a little wild, buying up Juju feather headdresses, tonga and senufo stool artifacts, weavings, Namji dolls, sculpture and more. I can’t wait to see these pieces adorning the showroom in the coming weeks!

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