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And We’re Off!

African Luxe denise travels

I am utterly infatuated with Africa; I love the architecture the smell, the colors, and the layers of design it has to offer. It brings me great pleasure just thinking of a trip! Sometimes the travel portion can be long and hard and you will be happy to know that I always travel Economy. I have a simple routine, wear the same clothing, sit in the same position on the plane, and try to keep it as routine as possible. I am off to pack up a container full of goodies that I have accumulated over my last few trips. Leaving our climate and into 39° Celsius is no easy feat, but the opportunity to explore and celebrate Africa makes me grateful. I leave today and look forward to delicious, fresh, and juicy fruits that Africa has to offer! But in the mean time…

Denise’s Design Tip of the Day

If hanging a chandelier over your dining table, be sure to choose a fixture that is half the width in order to keep the proportions of your space balanced.

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