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Marisa Tomei, Style Maven



We keep up with our design magazines of course. We love to learn about interior design talent and see gorgeous new products and interpretations on style, architecture and home decor.  A few months ago, flipping through Elle Decor, we were totally smitten by the cover story on Marisa Tomei.



On the cover, there she was sleek and sophisticated in her Manhattan apartment that is total Hollywood glamour, but also so very warm and inviting. It’s sumptuous and colorful, character-filled but totally balanced.

Check out her sofa covered in Kuba cloth! I loved seeing this textile used in this way.  Read our primer on African textiles if you want to learn more about how this amazing textile is created. The richness of earthy coppers and browns in the Kuba cloth are tamed by the neutrals of the Moroccan rug and marble and lucite coffee table. And while balance is a wonderful thing, the textile is also augmented by the turquoise velvet and rich orange leather of the floor pillows.



In the background hung as art are a trio of ceremonial marriage curtains decked out in cowrie shells. These would be quite old and sourced, likely in South Africa. In my travels and in my collecting, I’ve only come across three. She’s got a great eye and clearly knows the culture and aesthetics of Africa.


In the Elle Decor article, Marisa mentions that many of the pieces in her New York apartment are the result of scouring the world’s flea markets and many hours online at ebay and other online auctioneer sites. It’s a skill she comes by honestly, having spent many hours watching her mom collect and refinish furniture.



Marisa merges new and old with such a deft hand. Antiques, modern furniture and art, and mid century beauties are brought together with objets from around the world that contribute their voice and story to the space.

I for one am impressed by her eye. This is a fine collection of furniture and art. To pull everything together, she hired Alexandra Hayden, an interior designer, based in LA and NYC.  I am totally smitten with the space. It is eclectic and sensual, cozy and elegant, and obviously a reflection of the person in the space.

All images via Elle Decor. Visit Elle Decor to read the full story and see the full image gallery.

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