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The Jewel Tones of Fall


African Luxe - a trio of marriage curtains decorate with cowrie shells adorns the wall of Marisa Tomei's living room. Very rare artifacts that would have originated in South Africa


Even if you don’t live in a part of world that sees the stunning autumnal transformation, it’s nice to mark the change in seasons by switching up accessories in the home.

In the northeastern part of North America, the changing the leaves of fall is a sight to behold. The transformation into these spectacular jewel toned trees is utterly jaw-dropping, especially if you’re lucky enough to get away into nature to appreciate the full the effect.

Beaded Accessories

Clay Beaded Bangles


Home accessories are a wonderful way of updating your interior and changing the mood of your space. These clay beaded bangles and fertility dolls add the jewel tones perfectly.



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Custom Furniture in Bold Colors

If you’re feeling particularly brave, consider a custom piece of furniture like this one. You can accessorize it’s top differently according to the seasons to really stay current.



Pillows and Textiles

Pillows – and textiles generally – are another perfect way to pay homage to the changing seasons. Going for something in the colors of fall, or an earthy palette will pull your space together and echo the season.

African Luxe - kuba cloth throw pillow. The textile is created in red, powder blue and brown embroidery




This pebble pillow by Ronel Jordaan is a perfect piece to celebrate fall, don’t you think? Shop our Ronel Jordaan line here.

Feather Headdresses

The Juju Feather Headdress is another wonderful way to add a pop of fall color to your home. Go with maroons, purples, reds, emeralds, and orange for full effect.

texture 2


red headdress

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