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Showing Just Enough Skin

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Skins sometimes get a bad rap as being ostentatious, a look that can only be pulled off by the Cruella DeVil’s of the world. But really they are a fabulous way to add visual interest, texture and pattern to a space. Used correctly, you can glam up a space, make it cozy, or create an organic and earthy space. But you’ve got to know how much skin to show.


A Statement Chair

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Screen-Shot-2016-09-07-at-11.44.35-PM (1)


A statement chair is a beautiful and functional way to add a punch of interest to a room. A chair wrapped in a luxe zebra or cowhide will no doubt draw oohs and ahhs as guests sink into your seating. But even adding a sheepskin throw is enough to up the drama or create the coziest of spaces.


An Elegant Mirror

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We love a gorgeous mirror and adding a mirror with a skin or hide clad frame is a subtle way to add all the interest skins and hides allow. We carry mirrors clad in zebra, cow and ostrich hide. The cherry ostrich mirror is far and away, my favorite. Gorgeous!


A Custom Piece





If you’re bold enough, go for an ostrich clad statement piece like this pretty cabinet. We specialize in ostrich clad pieces and can create one-of-a-kind furniture in a stunning array of colors.

AccessoriesScreen-Shot-2016-09-07-at-11.59.02-PM (1)


But if that’s asking too much, you can always try small accessories my a box or tray. It will add that splash of interest without the huge commitment.

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