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Making Artful Use of Animal Prints

animal 1

image via bungalow classic

You know that saying a little goes a long way? This is often a good thing to keep in mind when styling with animal prints. Choose one or two pieces, like a zebra print mirror or a snakeskin console table and you’ll add instant visual interest. Of course, there are always those who balk at traditions like this, and sometimes more can be great too. So without any further delay, here are a few of our favourite animal print looks.

animal 2

image via Apartment Therapy

Zebra print sometimes gets a bad reputation for coming off a little dated or tacky, but we think it can be super chic in the right space. Besides, what’s not to love about black and white? The zebra print mirror pictured above adds glamour and drama to an otherwise tame room.

zebra mirrorHorizontal Zebra Mirror- Available here

zebra mirror 2Vertical Zebra Mirror- Available here

animal 3

image via Mimosa Lane

The intricate and unique patterns in snakeskin make it a luxurious and beautiful way to bring a touch of the exotic into your space. Due to the size constraint of snakeskin you will often see it applied to small surfaces like  decor accessories, but we think a snakeskin covered table really shows off the patterning and texture.

snake skin console

Snakeskin Table- Available here

animal 4

image via my domaine

You often come across cowhide in rustic or country inspired interiors, but it can be equally at home in more traditional or elegant rooms. Not only is cowhide gorgeous to look at, it also feels amazing, so using it to upholster a chair or bench is a fantastic idea.

Cowhide-Bench1000-500x500Cowhide Bench- Available here

Cowhide-Ottoman-500x500Cowhide Ottoman- Available here

animal 5

image via Marcus Design

Springbok is another hide that feels as beautiful as it looks. The distinct white stripe is what sets it apart and the tan and brown shades in it make it versatile. Most often you see springbok utilized as throw pillows, upholstery or small rugs.

Springbok Daybed

Springbok Daybed- Available here

Springbok-Pillow-500x500Springbok Throw Pillow- Available here

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