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Glamourous, glorious bathrooms



Bathrooms are a mighty practical room. And perhaps it’s because of their function that they’re not always given design love. But even if you don’t have the space to create a spa-like retreat, you can still make simple and inexpensive changes to elevate the space above mere function.

Organic Materials


See how the inclusion of antique African stools immediate soften the space? Including organic materials like wood or shell helps to balance the stark use of glass and stone. Shop our African Stools here.



Statement lighting is another simple and quick fix that will immediately transform even the smallest powder room. Swap out those builder’s choice fixtures for something that makes an impact. Zenza pendants are perfect for this. The cascading light patterns they create immediately soften a room, making the space relaxing and peaceful.bathroom-lightingRemember when using lights in a bathroom to ensure they meet the standard for a high moisture area.



Handwoven baskets are another way to add texture and soften a stark bathroom space. They also are a wonderfully functional item that help declutter a space by hiding away toiletries, towels, dirty laundry and more. This is a dead simple way to create visual interest and solve storage problems. Shop our Baskets here. 




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