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On the Streets, Where the Magic Happens

Denise and the artisans behind the metalwork windmills

Nothing beats showing off a special object in  your  home that comes with its own exciting story.

So here is a peak into my process of finding the stunning objects d’arts you find only at African Luxe. This awful image of me ( I had just completed a 23 hour flight the night before, excuses and vanity I know!) was taken 5 seconds after I screeched at my driver to turn the car around, having just glimpsed some gorgeous windmills out of my window.

On my way to a spa to work a kink out my neck, we ground to a halt as I had to see these beauties up close and talk to their makers. I purchased the entire collection; the transaction was a happy one and it meant the gents could go home early to relax. But I had to fight my driver, promising the pieces I’d just bought wouldn’t rip his upholstery or worse yet, poke him en route.

windmill final product, spray painted in metallics

It’s purchases like these that add such interest to our offerings at African Luxe.  These transactions often only happen once because so often when I try and go back for more, I cannot find the artisan.  Phone numbers change, people move, believe me I do try to restock but so often it’s impossible.

As for these windmills, well we guarantee they are one-of-a-kind pieces.  Once back at home base, we spray painted them and look at them now, a perfect piece on a bookshelf or a desk not to mention the story you get to share with admirers who are sure to comment on their uniqueness.

Design tip of the day

In a dining room an area rug should be 24 inches wider and longer than the table to allow for pushback and your chair will still be on the carpet

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