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Juju Hat or Feather Headdress From Cameroon As Art


traditionatl headdress

The Juju hat is found throughout Cameroon and was traditionally worn as part of the costume of the royal dancers. They are striking, bold, colorful and increasingly being used as wall art here.

I just came back from the New York Gift Show and yes headdresses were there at a few different booths on prominent display. I have to say mine are the best though: lush, plush and with beautiful rich colors, no straggly edges, and very tightly woven at the back.   The Cameroon hats are something I am proud of. We sell hats only made with the most beautiful feathers with nice plumes that are very full. I hand select each one, fumigate them and make sure they are to the highest standards.

It is so important that the weaving in the back is very tight so they open appropriately. This type of weave is a painstaking process where the feathers are sewn carefully into the tight raffia base.

Our headdresses are sold free of all insects – you may have heard of having to put the headdresses in the freezer to avoid any eggs before you put yours on display at home. We never provide such advice as we guarantee that ours are of the highest quality and fully fumigated.

Our price for these headdresses is a reflection of the quality and high standards we set. Our headdresses are unused new hats, made just for us, to the standards we set and come directly to us from Cameroon.

Feather guys

To ensure these standards, I handpick all the headdresses myself from a huge array. This means many trips to Africa but is also means a better headdress!

Just check out me and my fabulous feather guys! You can buy whatever you want  but if it is not packed correctly, it does not look like an AFRICANLUXE hat.

It is all in the details! And the feather tails!

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