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Going with the Flow

How do you achieve your desired aesthetic? Do you scour a variety of shops? Look in magazines or on TV? Not sure if you’ve quite achieved it? I find getting the look takes time and starts with a thought or an image. I have just moved from my home of seventeen years and sorted through a lifetime of memories. One third was sent to the women’s shelter, one third to an auction house, and one third came with me. Note that between those thirds, I had my son saying “I want that, that, and definitely that!”
I had a large dining table that seated fourteen. It held many dinner parties and heard its share of stories. Truth of the matter is, I was over it – but it was difficult to succumb to that thought. I knew it was valuable, but most of all, my son really wanted it (you try arguing with a lawyer-in-training). It’s from the 1800s with a crank and you could install leaves for miles! Where was I to put it whilst I waited for him to afford a new home? Then, what? After ten years in storage, was it still going to be something he wanted? Maybe his partner will reject it! I obviously like to plan for all scenarios.
It took some convincing, but it went to the auction house, and I’ll be sure to update you with as much information about its next life as I can once it has sold. I plan to give him the money to buy himself a fascinating objet, or maybe a painting that he can cart around for the next ten years and use in his home. And if his partner doesn’t like it, it’d be much easier to hide behind a door than a certain dining table c. the 1800s.

Denise’s Tip of the Day

Get a small cut of the marble that you have installed for your counter tops. A small square cut can be used as a mobile prep surface!

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