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Displaying Textile Art in the Home



Across cultures, time and the world, textile arts have been a powerful means of personal and cultural expression. Far more than fashion, many weavings and embroideries from Africa contain important narratives about politics, religion and history are included in intricate and beautiful pieces. To read more, check out our African Textiles 101 here.


More than just pillows, curtains, bedspreads and carpets, textile arts are a feast for the senses and take incredible skill and imagination to create. They lend a space pattern, texture, color and often three dimensional shape. I am a huge fan of hanging these as you would display art in your home.

Displaying textiles can be tricky. Sometimes it’s hard to create a look that doesn’t scream handicrafts. Here are a few tips.

Go For Scale


Textile art is a great way to make major impact using size and scale. Hang a large piece piece to create a focal point in the room. Because textiles are created in a range of sizes, they can be perfect for oddly shaped spaces, accent walls, as headboards and over furniture.




While hanging on rods really helps you appreciate the intricate texture and skill that’s gone into creating a piece, framing pieces also works well. This is an especially good display technique for antique pieces of cloth that require special preservation. You can group several different textile pieces together, creating cohesion when you use the same frame across the collection.


Be sure to go with a glass that is high quality and low reflection in order to be able to fully appreciate all the pieces have to offer.


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